One reply to “San Francisco at Dusk

  1. The changing light
    at San Francisco
    is none of your East Coast light
    none of your
    pearly light of Paris
    The light of San Francisco
    is a sea light
    an island light
    And the light of fog
    blanketing the hills
    drifting in at night
    through the Golden Gate
    to lie on the city at dawn
    And then the halcyon late mornings
    after the fog burns off
    and the sun paints white houses
    with the sea light of Greece
    with sharp clean shadows
    making the town look like
    it had just been painted

    But the wind comes up at four o’clock
    sweeping the hills

    And then the veil of light of early evening

    And then another scrim
    when the new night fog
    floats in
    And in that vale of light
    the city drifts
    anchorless upon the ocean

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