A Long Weekend

Despite the constant rain here in San Francisco, I had a blast over the holiday weekend.  One painting led to another…and before I knew it, I had 5 new pieces and it was Tuesday morning!

I started by painting an onion.  I wanted to see if I could capture the light-as-a-feather quality of the skin that had come off.

Then I got out a book on Sorolla, wondering if I could start to use more impressionist colors in my paintings.  As a study, I copied a piece of two ladies walking on the beach.

Then, using that color palette, I painted a still life with my onion.

Loving the color palette, I then painted my husband studying for his legal ethic course.  

Finally, after a trip to the grocery store, I added a few items to my still life set up, and tried it again, this time with reds and oranges.

Not bad for a cold rainy weekend, huh?

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