The Trombonist

This one is for my dad.

I played this trombone in high school. I was first chair and all-state. I was teased endlessly for playing such a terrible looking dented instrument, but it was all that we had…my dad’s old bass trombone from when he played in the army.

Dad taught me to be proud of who I am and where I come from, chin up, shoulders back, and always maintain a strong sense of whimsy..:D

One reply to “The Trombonist

  1. That is really sweet. I am sorry we couldn’t afford a newer instrument. A l”ifer “in my Army band 113th @ Fort Knox, Ky., damaged it on purpose BECAUSE he had to load the truck. IThe case had a bright yellow “hippie” sun flower on the end. I was an assistant conductor as only a pfc; he was a three -striper ( sargent) , sorry ; Al hated me… Dad

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