My Dining Room

I took a break from painting to pursue a furniture restoration and upholstery project. (Ok, technically there WAS some painting involved…more about that later.)

I found a fine French antique dining set (with 10 cane back chairs!) and a cool mid-century china cabinet at a local vintage market and decided to upgrade my dining room.

First, I tackled the table. I sanded it down and stained it a dark espresso. (That took three tries and a little over a week….turns out you CANNOT finish a table with a random orbital sander… lol) Once I finally got the stain right, I poured on an epoxy glaze for the super glossy wet-like finish. (Another mistake: I accidentally glued together the extension slider with the epoxy…spent a solid afternoon chiseling it off….sigh….back on track).

Next, I painted the china cabinet. After much ado, I landed on a darker green to match the peacock feathers in the mural and a bright purple-pink on the interior so that my china would POP!

Finally, I upholstered the chairs. I must admit, I am quite good at upholstery and this was an easy project….1. remove current cording and staples 2. remove old fabric 3. upgrade cushion 4. cut and staple new fabric 5. sew cording 6. glue cording. x10. Ta-da! New chairs.

3 weeks later….new dining room:).

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